INCELLDERM Active Cream 50ml


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Active Cream a dual-function face cream that corrects visible signs of aging, and delivers effective skin brightening, revealing youthfulness.

Regenerating and elasticity restoring

Anti-ageing, wrinkles improving



For all skin types

Apply the cream with the plastic spoon (included in the box) abundantly onto your face: forehead and both cheeks. Evenly spread the cream over the entire face barely touching your skin. Neither rub hard nor tap on the skin afterwards. Just let the cream sit and absorb completely. If you have sensitive skin, apply the Active cream first, and then apply the Dermatology Booster and Serum.It takes some time (10-15 minutes) for the Active Cream to get absorbed completely. If you have very dry dehydrated skin the cream may get absorbed in several minutes, you may repeat the application according to the skin type.

Do not rub or tap, Let’s Megadaub

Without tapping or rubbing

Just Put it on your skin.

To active ingredient (liposomal raw material, etc.) Helps to be safely absorbed into the skin with optimized use Incellderm’s special skin care method.

Approved by the US FDA
Skin Irritation Test Completed